Performance issue

It is certainly relevant. It’s a point that I hadn’t really taken on board fully, though in a few cases I have been doing what you suggest but more as a side effect of reducing edge and face counts, not aiming at the component counts.

I like using components to keep things separate, organized and editable, so there’s a deep level of nesting in some places, and once we have the shape finalised, some of the levels could indeed be exploded.

For some components like Dynamic Component railings with many many instances of the vertical spindles (which pushes the edge count WAY up), I have worked to simplify them. Haven’t yet had time to replace all of the original DCs though. (I plan a separate post about that soon).

And in some other cases like furniture and bathrooms I’ve worked hard to simplify grossly over-detailed 3D warehouse models. But mainly aiming to reduce edge and face count, not the number of component definitions, though that has happened to some extent as a side effect (see Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage.

But I have not systematically thought about exploding other sorts of components with multiple levels of nesting, to reduce the overall number of component definitions and instances, which is very large even in some sub-models, let alone the full building model.

I’ll give that further thought and analysis.

Thank you very much for the comments - they are definitely useful food for thought and action.