Pencil will not draw a line

I cannot draw a line with the pencil, either to create a shape, or bifurcate a shape already created. Please see video.

Here is the file I am trying to manipulate.
Sorry…I tried! The file takes up 13MB, 10 more than the permitted value.

Try purging unused stuff and see if that reduces the files size enough. If it doesn’t, upload to the 3D Warehouse and give us the link.

It was still trying to upload the link to the warehouse.

I uploaded the file to the warehouse, copied and pasted the link into the dialogue box, and the dialogue box showed that it was still trying to upload something without success. I’ve sent you a link to the file in my dropbox account

Sorry for the delay. I had to do some work on a couple of anesthesia machines. I tried to do what you show in your clip but didn’t see the same behavior. It worked fine for me. I do see some weird geometry and stray edges in a few places, though. For example:
Screenshot - 10_19_2017 , 7_35_37 PM

Screenshot - 10_19_2017 , 7_37_46 PM

Good morning, Dave

Thanks for checking out the drawing so carefully!

Did you see when I tried to draw a line in the video? I just can’t get the program to draw a line with pencil. I was thinking perhaps there was a special function option for the pencil tool which I had somehow activated. I guess perhaps I could try to reinstall…

Once again, grateful for your attention.


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