Pella Window Dynamic Components

Pella Impervia Series Double-Hung Equal Sash.skp (921.5 KB)

This model from Pella has dynamic components. How do I change the default height dimension from 61.5 to 41.5 inches?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Choose Custom, type in the desired height, click on Apply.

When I select the component options for this model, I don’t see anything there. Do you have a different model file?

It’s the file you shared. I just imported it into a blank SketchUp file.

Out of curiosity, double click on the window with the Select tool. Do you get the options then?

Or download the file you share in your first post and import that into a SketchUp file. Don’t simply open it, though.

Importing the model did the trick! Thank you. It sure beats cutting down the window size by hand. I spent hours on it until I realized it might be a parametric model. :slight_smile: