Pella Dynamic Component Questions

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I thought I would try out the Pella DC attached. I am now quite confused. It is definitely a DC, but there are no options (screen shot attached). What am I doing wrong. I am using the latest SketchUp for Mac (23.0.418) on a new Macbook Pro (M2 Max).

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Pella+Impervia+Series+Awning+Large+Vent.skp (336.5 KB)

Did you try to explode it ? DC may be just wrapped in wrapper to hold propperties.

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More likely that you need to import it into another model (rather than explode): the DC properties won’t be available if you open the DC component directly.

And you are the winner. Just so folks know, you have to select .skp as the file type in the import dialog box. Otherwise it assumes you are looking for an image.

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