Peaceful Defense Challenge

Can you sketch up a way to defend people from conflict without causing suffering?

P.S. Feel free to get as creative as you want.

P.S.S. It’d be a step towards ending the circular situation we get from solving suffering by causing suffering.

I got nothin

Me either…

I thought I had something but when I started modeling it caused me to suffer so I stopped.


Sorry… Maybe the challenge was a bit too hard.

P.S. What about a barrier of some kind to keep people safe? What if someone could design a small portable barrier or a barrier big enough to protect an entire city?

Okay, what if there was a human-sized hamster ball made of bullet-proof glass?

nothing beats a beautiful underground shelter

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I thought of a system that disrupts all the aircraft nearby, forcing them to turn back.

It would be effective to protect the city by causing no casualties! Brouilleur Radar | 3D Warehouse

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That is simple! Create a localized field which causes all compass direction to appear 180 degrees off! Airplanes fly into it, get confused, think they’re going the wrong way, turn around and leave!

Well, maybe no casualties to the people in the city. But what about casualties to those in the airplanes? Once they turn around and leave, in a few miles/minutes they’re no longer affected by whatever you used, so they turn back, but then they enter the area of effect again and turn around to leave. Repeat ad infinitum - or at least until the airplanes run out of fuel causing a crash. Can your system guarantee no casualties in these crashes?

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probably after a while they will give up.
after zero risk does not exist…but this system is not worth a anti-aircraft missile :sweat_smile:

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An embassy would make a good model in this category.

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There is a Huge difference between Ignorance and Stupidity…
(Ignorance can be Fixed)
One of the things worse than stupidity is wilful stupidity

You cannot ‘design in’ peace or prosperity any more than you can ‘engineer out’ stupidity.

Fix Stupid, Problem Solved…

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@RobertLuster Perhaps improving education systems would increase peace. I’d like to see more entertaining lectures, more flexibility to meet students’ needs (variable hours, learning at their own pace, more freedom to choose what they want to learn, more comfort & safety), and more technology used for teaching (entertaining educational videos instead of lectures [eliminates the need to repeat lectures], digital textbooks [no more 30 pound backpacks], etc.). Also, if the US government increased taxes (or spent less tax money on the military), then they could give free college education. That’s what Denmark does and they’re one of the happiest countries in the world. In fact, they even have free high quality health care. By the way, you could probably make a cool SketchUp model of a modernized school to bring peace.

@eneroth3 Embassies definitely help people make friends with foreigners. I think improving translators would help too.

This is totally true, but moving towards peace could benefit people.

I used SketchUp to put everyone in their own protective bubbles. This way, they’re defended from any possible conflict and, as a result, have no suffering.

Ignorance is bliss :slight_smile:


Look how well that has worked with cars Jim, wrap people up in a bubble and they drive with no thought for anything around them.
On the other hand, install a six inch spike in the steering wheel instead of an airbag and see how carefully people drive.
Making people take responsibility for their own actions would be a first step along a long road to peace.


Maybe a bit far fetched but tourist attractions/world wonders/cultural institution could fit into the list too. It is much harder to demonize a country when you are truly impressed by their culture.

I think this piece of absolutely beautiful architecture changed, even if just slightly, how I view Iran. Shah Mosque - Wikipedia

Oh @eneroth3 I could list so many historically significant cultural sites that have been destroyed by war or radical regimes either deliberately or through indifference.
The appalling destruction of Palmyra, the Buddhas of Bamiyan and the Citadel of Aleppo just to name a few.

And almost worse than the deliberate destruction by radicals is

American soldiers have been present in Iraq since the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003. Some are responsible for vandalizing the ruins of ancient Babylon, which lay at the foot of Saddam Hussein’s former summer palace. In 2007, it was confirmed that American armed forces had converted Nebuchadnezzar’s great city of Babylon into a 150-hectare camp for 2,000 troops. In the process, the Ishtar Gate was damaged by tanks, and the brick pavement leading up to the gate was destroyed. The rich soil of the city was bulldozed to fill sandbags, and Babylon is now considered to be archaeologically barren.

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This may be true, but often, cultures are not bounded by country borders…

but ignorance often leads to war :wink:


…after to guarantee peace we have always has nuclear deterrence

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