Pdf missing lines

Hi, my name is Lucas. I use sketchup for making 2d floor plans and landscapes. Recently I’ve been having the problem that after exporting a pdf of a plan and sending it via email it will be missing lines.

On my computer the pdf looks fine, but not on other computers. Thanks for reading and thanks for any suggestions.


Unfortunately I cannot comment much on your PDF problem, but it sounds like the DPI settings may be too low. Do you use the built-in PDF functionality on the Mac’s OS or a 3rd party PDF printer/exporter? Thinking about it more, it could also be set too high, I’ve had lines virtually disappear due to very high settings - have you played with these settings a little to see?

Also, it seems as though you are in contravention of the licence agreement for SketchUp Make (it says in your profile you’re using Make, yet it seems as though you’re using it for commercial purposes), please be sure to place your order for SketchUp Pro to honor licencing if this is the case.

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I’ve had experience of producing pdf’s on a PC and they are incomplete when viewed by mac users. This has often come down to the mac using its proprietary pdf viewer instead of adobe acrobat or reader as it doesn’t always render the complete file.

10.6 (Snow Leopard) was introduced in 2009, a lot has happened since then, I guess? What version of SketchUp are you using?