Pdf exports with different font to what is in the model

Forum newbie here so pse excuse the dumbness!

I give my files to my friend who has now upgraded from SU8 Pro to SU2015 Pro and when the file is exported to a pdf in 2015, the fonts that were in the original SU8 file (e.g Tahoma, Arial ) are ignored and replaced by Times New Roman. Moreover, if the text has a superscript (e.g. ²), it exports with some other symbol.

This seems to be a bug with 2015 because if the same file is exported to pdf from SU8Pro (on the same PC) all is fine and the fonts are as intended. This would suggest that the pdf exporter in SU2015 is somehow different to previous versions.

There is no differerence whether the “Map windows fonts to pdf fonts” box is ticked or not - it still exports wirh Times New Roman.

I’ve trawled through the forums and and help / knowledge base and can find nothing specific about this issue.

Anybody got any ideas on what may be the cause and solution?


Hmm… (workaround thought) does it do the same if you export the Scene to a one-page LayOut document that has the paper size you want, and expanded to full paper size?

I’ll poke around to see if we’ve seen this before.