Pb with .skp2019 pro

Hello everyone
HELP !!!
I’m a new
I have a problem opening my .skp pro2019 file
sketchup refuses to open the file I saved and tells me the file is not a .skp
anyone have an opinion on it?
thank you in advance
take care of yourself and your loved one

sorry for my english…

Upload it here.

You can download it here
thanks a lot


Your file is completely empty, full of zero values. Do you have any recent copies of the file?

yet when I recorded it it was more evolved than this one … I don’t understand. is it too heavy? that I did not purge my layers?
it weighs 118 949 Kilo bytes…
strange …

thank’s colin

I mean, it literally is full of nothing, all of the data in the file has been changed to zeros.

Do not save the file to the cloud or network without first saving it to a local folder. When opening a file that was in the cloud etc, download to a local drive first. The saving to a non local drive causes many issues like yours. You are one of many that has suffered the same fate.

that’s certainly RLGL. thank you for your analysis Colin.
I will try to find the folder on the usb key where I saved the original file.
a huge thank you to the whole community
je vais essayer de recuperer ça et je vous tiens au courant.
bonne journée
je vous envoies le soleil d’Aix en provence
;o) ; o)