Payment specification in USA


For several months I’ve asked Trimble for a payment specification for my extension sale revenue, for my book keeping. Despite keeping asking I still haven’t gotten any answer.

Instead I now ask the community: aren’t you supposed to get a payment specification when you get a payment? Maybe this differs between countries but here in Sweden no one has ever just put money into my bank account without telling me they’ve done so, when, why and who they are.

For plugin development I’ve previously always sent out invoices myself to clients that then have payed those invoices. Maybe it works differently with regularly payed royalties? Maybe you are not supposed to get any specification, or even any notification that a payment has been made?

Does anyone have any experience with this?


I’m also wondering how it works. Did you get any information on this topic?


My bank issued a document saying I had received money. I’m using that document for my book keeping.


When you make a sell do you receive any information about the buyer?

Do you receive their email address at least?


I’m not involved with this specifically but having lived in many countries and had many bank accounts I can tell you it will vary from place to place.
For example I remember being stunned in Germany that I had to give ID and a reason why I was putting money into my girlfriends account. Whereas here in Oz you give them the money and the account number and that is it.


This information is available to vendors on Extension Warehouse. Go to My Store and there are tabs showing licenses, financials etc. However the website doesn’t tell you when a transaction to your bank account has been made. Luckily I opened a new account only for EW revenue, and have only given out its information to Trimble. Otherwise it would be hard to figure out what transactions are from extension sales.


In my case I can make Zapier automatically add all sells information from my Sellfy to a Google Spreadsheet for bookeeping.

It also adds buyers email to my MailChimp automatically.

It would be useful for EW to implement automations like Zapier.


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