Pasting dimension styles

Sometimes I want to add text to a dimension. That’s easy to do as a one off. But what if you wanted to repeat the same text for each dimension? Using the eyedropper doesn’t seem to do it. Here I have a number of dimensions taken from centreline to centreline and to distinguish them from others, I have added the word “centres”. But it would be a bore to have to do that manually for each relevant dimension. Is there a way to do it faster?

You can copy the text from the cirst dimension and then edit the other dimensions one at a time and paste it. There’s no way to apply the text to a bunch of them at once, though.

Thanks Dave. That is a bit faster than typing centres for each dimension. I guess in the absence of having the option to add text before, after, or in place of, the default in the dialog box, this is the next best thing.