Pasted vector plans in layout

In my architectural plan drawings I paste a 2D vector plan (from a slice taken from a section in the model) on top of the raster plan to get crisp, clean lines. Here’s the problem: Often when I return to these drawings in layout the vector plans are gone. I can find that there is a memory of them, as I can highlight the blue line around them, but the image is gone.

This happens over and over again, making me crazy. I have to keep repasting. Sometimes I do multiple layers of pasted vector plans (because I do my framing plans by pasting vector plans on top of vector plans), and I have to recreate construction documents repeatedly.

Why is this happening? and what can I do to stop this?

Thanks so much! Very grateful for this forum!


Where are you copying these “2D vector plans” from?

Maybe you could upload a LayOut file that includes one of these vector plans so we can see what’s happening and have some hope of guiding you.