Paste in place not working on large models

All my models get to around 200 - 250 mbs… Once the get over about 200 mbs paste in place stops working. I have to quit sketch up and open it again to get paste in place to work. As u can imagine this is very frustrating…ANY IDEAS…PLEEEEEEEAS…I work with sketchup PRO every day 14 hrs a day and these kind of bugs are not good

Does purging the model help overcome this “bug”? Have you tried following?

  • menu Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused

In which way? Simply don’t paste, freeze, …

Yes, I purge ALL the time. Using a plugin and the sketchup basic ones.

It just doesn’t paste, doesn’t freeze just continues like nothing has happened.

P.s Thank you for the quick responce