'Paste in place' not pasting in the exact same place


I am creating a terrain based on contour lines. I want to use the TIG CutNFill tool extension (and have used it ok on another model).
With this terrain when I copy and ‘paste in place’ to duplicate a group it doesn’t place it in exactly the same location. The extension wont work if the ‘existing’ and ‘proposed’ terrains are not aligned.
When I zoom up there is a very small difference in alignment. I am unable to even move the group such a small distance so that they align!
Any ideas?


Probably the drawing axes are for some reason misaligned.Maybe the duplicated group have been accidentally moved a small distance. I’ve never seen paste in place pasting in an incorrect location.


Check how far your model is from the origin, being a long way from origin can cause all sorts of issues.


Thanks for your suggestion, but I am just copying and pasting (in place) directly into the same model. I’ve deleted and tried again a few times. I have just found a way around it though so I’ll leave it unexplained for now. I copied and ‘pasted in place’ the contour lines before creating the terrains. This worked. It just meant I had to make the terrain twice rather than copy it.


Thanks. But… The origin is near the middle of the terrain. The terrain would span less than 100m.


Actually, it must be a problem with the model in general. I copied the contours into a new file and tried again. It seems to work ok and I’m able to copy them back into the original file. Sorry, I wish I had thought to try these things before I wasted so much of my time (and now yours).


move it a big amount and then move it back to where you want it…

and turn off length snapping if it’s on…