Parts extension?

Hi there, is there an extension that set parts apart like in the picture? Many thanks
Klein raam Tivoli.skp (365.9 KB)

So you want to make exploded views of your model? There are a couple of ancient extensions that kind of work. One from and another from Sketchucation. I do a lot of exploded views and found neither of those do an adequate job and they took longer to set up than the time they saved doing it manually. You can give them a try though and see what you thing.

I just do it with the Move tool and it would be trivial to do it for a 2D view of the parts like you show.


thanks, wil look into this :wink:

I too have used the move/copy to do exploded views, mainly of parts that aren’t to complicated but need to have the pieces delineated individually.

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Yes. Generally I’m doing it for 3D views of the model, too, and it is appropriate to leave some parts assembled.

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Check this one, too: