Part of the drawing is unclickable

Hi guys,

I am learning SketchUp and I have a quick question: part of my drawing suddenly got white and nothing happens if I click on it with mouse - not left, neither right button. I am also not able to apply any tools on it, cant erase it etc.
I have no Idea how this happened and how to make it clickable again.

You will find the file here!AgkApkM9tnNrgZwWiS5ALdoUHm8g7A?e=MX1Dsc

I can’t tell from your screen shot what you are having trouble with. Can you share the SKP?

Thanks for the reply, here is the file!AgkApkM9tnNrgZwWiS5ALdoUHm8g7A?e=MX1Dsc

The link you posted is a SKB backup file, the SKP would be the most useful…

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Ian’s right although changing the extension to skp works, too.

The white walls are actually a hole through your image. You can heal it by connecting corners with the Line tool. Once you’ve got the holes filled, you should be in good shape.

In the future, you would probably find it easier to import the image as an image and leave it as such. Then trace over the image to create the geometry.


Are you saying that I accidently erased most of the lines there and now there are just holes? :smiley:
That makes sense…
Is there a quick way to connect all corners or should I do each small piece manually?

No. You just erased the faces that represent the walls. The edges are there.

Just use the Line tool. It won’t take long. You don’t need to connect all of the corners. Then once the faces are filled, erase any edges dividing the walls into sections. When you get done you should be able to pull all of the walls up in three steps. One for the blue, one for orange and one for yellow.

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