Part of SketchUp File is Inverted When 3D Printed


I have been attempting to 3D print a flower that I designed using SketchUp. This is a screen shot of what the file looks like… …however, when I actually print the object, it comes out with the octagon missing, but the two circles are printed… …Here is a picture of the file in SketchUp, and then the 3D printed version of it. …I made sure to make it all into a group before exporting as an STL file. I made sure every side was white as well. I don’t understand why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Can you share the model for inspection?


Try erasing the unnecessary edges and then confirm the Group is a Solid.


Yeah, of course! I think it should be uploaded…Flower.skb (1.1 MB)


Make sure face normals are correct, back side is mixed bag?


Your flower is not a solid group and it should be for printing…


You can use the Solid Inspector extension to help sanity-check your objects before sending off to 3d print:

If entity info doesn’t say Solid Group or Solid Component you will have to clean up your geometry.


It is only 2 clicks with SuSolid plugin.One for deleting all internal faces and other for reversing all reversed faces.


+1 on @tt_su Solid Inspector. Love that tool! Check out my article on my recommended plugins for 3D printing