Part of building missing - Layout

Anyone ever see this before? LO22 viewport was full functional in 21. Model is still SU21, as I can’t update to 22 for SU until Enscape releases a new version.

This viewport had fog on it, and I wondered if that was a problem, didn’t change to turn fog off.

Also checked for rouge section cuts active, but that wasn’t happening either.

Created a new viewport facing the same direction just in case, but it still left the gable roof and cantilevered section of the house off.

The triangle that shows up before something is rendered is showing up only sometimes, but not always. You can see the gable roof and cantilevered portion of house in the West viewport below the problem viewport.

Has anyone seen this before and have a workaround?

What happens if you turn on Auto render?

Same thing. I had auto render on initially then turned it off just to see. It’s back on again, but same result.