Parent Component Definition lost in CSV Export due to existence of Grandchild component

I am looking for a solution for exporting dynamic components for cut-listing with pre-written definitions providing labels and operations. I have uploaded a basic cabinet model for clarification. There are 2 cabinets in this model defined as (in the Entity Info Definition) “KS1 - CAB” & “KS2 – CAB”. KS1 - CAB has the problem child (pun intended). The parts “LND” & “RND” have some grand-child DC’s to help create the desired geometry with “dynamic” abilities. I would like to learn how (if possible) to control the CSV export to make a Prime-Parent comprehensive output.
I have pasted a sample output below. I will be shifting over to using OpenCutList soon but I currently use the cutlist extension, from Cutlist Plus fx, to get a CSV export.

Capture A

The KS2 - CAB outputs successfully in the appropriate columns.
The KS1 - CAB outputs accurately for the parts that don’t have additional DC’s programmed inside of them. I would like to find a way to better control this output.
Firstly, is there a way to keep the Prime-Parent definition, “KS1 - CAB” in this case, for each child and grandchild component? “LND” & “RND” have lost their association with the Prime-Parent component.

Secondly, is there a way to use and organize the definitions of multiple levels of Dynamic Components? To say it another way, could I have a 3 deep dynamic component where the definition of the child still maintains the prime-parent definition?

It would be really cool if I could get something like this:

Capture B

Where the Sub-Assembly actions are directly related to the grandchild component definition.
I appreciate any help on this.

DC - SAMPLE, Front&Linebore.skp (3.6 MB)