Panels - Bending - Hood

I’m a newbie and trying to learn but struggling with simple things. I have a vent hood for a kitchen that I would like to place panels on. Once those panels are placed, I would like to use Unwrap & Flatten so I can take those panels into VCarve Pro and then cut them on my CNC. I’m struggling with the panel portion and how to start. I need the panels to be anywhere from a 1/4" to 3/8" thick. I talked with a friend that once his shape is defined he uses Profile Builder 3 to pull the shape and wrap the 3 sides of the hood.

I’m not sure if someone can help me, or point me to some video’s, but currently lost. TIA

Hood.skp (337.1 KB)

With native Follow Me tool

Basics of SketchUp at

So, I’m at the step of pasting the object, and switching to Offset, but I loose my line? What am I doing wrong?

You cannot offset broken geometry. It needs to be welded first :wink:. Select the parts of the line and right click, choose ‘weld’

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Actually you can offset the unwelded edges but a continuous string of edges need to be selected. Welding the edges makes that much easier and results in a cleaner Follow Me operation.

Even if they’re not a part of the same face? I couldn’t do it when I tried on this model earlier. But yeah, I think I would have welded in any case just to avoid the spilt look on the face created by follow :slightly_smiling_face:

Try drawing three connected planar edges with the Line tool. Don’t weld them. Select the three and then use Offset. It’s the same with an arc or other curve that has been exploded.

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You just can’t have a gap or branch in the edges.

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I think I’m missing something in this process. I can get this part, but not sure how to “Follow Me”, as I can not get it to follow the lines I have selected.

Hood Side Profile Built.skp (348.0 KB)

You have the profile inside the group and the path outside. In this case, open the group for editing and select the profile and its edges. Use Edit>Cut. Then get out of the group edit mode and use Edit>Paste in place to paste the profile into the same context as the path. Then select the path and run Follow Me.
I welded the path segments so they’re easier to select en masse and used keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Paste in place, and to call Follow Me.

You can see the result in the extrusion of not having the curves welded first. Easy to fix with Soften/Smooth Edges, though.

It is possible to select the path outside the group, then edit the group and run Follow Me but in this case you want the results to be outside of the group you current have the profile in.

Part of the problem here is your rather deep nesting for the toolpaths. Might be worth considering the order of operations for something like this. It might be easier and faster to save adding toolpaths until later in the modeling process.

I can’t seem to get the outside path locked and then the follow me to work together. It goes to “Extrude” instead of “Follow Me”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hood Side Profile Built_Alt.skp (434.5 KB)

Looks to me as if you selected Push/Pull instead of Follow Me. You still have the profile inside the group and the path outside of the group.

Try it with this one. I’ve moved the profile to the same context as the path. Select the path, get Follow Me, and click on the profile.
Hood Side Profile Built_Alt.skp (423.0 KB)

It worked. Thank you. How did you get the profile and the path into the same group? I think that is what I’m missing. I tried many different things, but no luck.

I did what I wrote. The profile is just loose geometry in the model space. I pasted the profile out of the hood group so it’s also loose geometry in the model context.