Panel mould upright extruder

Hi, Ive never had to ask for help here before but im trying to do a simple radius panel mould and cannot get follow me or upright extruder to work please help desperate and stuck.

panel mould.skp (656.5 KB)

This is sometimes called a hunting miter. You can read about them here. Hunting Miters

One way to get them to come out well is to use intersect faces in addition to follow me.
Here’s the basic setup.

And here’s what you get after intersecting and some cleanup.

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thanks so much, so theres just no quick way to do this… Its painful! and im not even sure how you got it so clean. I will have to try tomorrow, time to go home…

Keep in mind you may only need to make one miter as you can scale or mirror copies around as needed.
Also, if you plan out the arc so that one segment is at the outer part of the miter and the other end is at 90 degrees you’ll get a better fit.
Here’s your profile on an arc of equal segments.

Using Pro you could also create a box like group at the miter line and use solid tools to subtract from each piece. I do this nearly every day with compound roof joinery and curved joinery for timber frame work.

i cant get mine anywhere close to as clean as yours. i dont understand how to plan out the arc and my subtraction is not clean. can you show me the steps you took to get yours that clean.

can you show me the steps you take to do this, nothing i do is giving me a clean result

I made up a shape.
Push pull on the straight line.
Follow me on the arc, making sure the arc continues past where I want to miter. This means you might need to draw a circle or a larger arc.

Make a ‘cutting block’ as a group.
Put the corner of the cutting block at the outside edge of the miter, where the surface intersect.

Rotate the cutting block to follow the miter line. This will be the line from one side of where the faces intersect to the other.

Solid tools this block from one of the parts - pretend is is a giant dado head and will chop off whatever is inside of it.

Then mirror the block on the miter line and solid tools it away from the other piece.

I use Curic Mirror extension.
I also use the solid tool extension called ‘Trim and Keep’ - I have it mapped to a keyboard shortcut.

Sorry, I’m a bit busy today but I’ll try to insert a step or two as I get a chance.
The first step was to get the arc with endpoint on the outer edge of the vertical path.
Arc with pie

If you want to make your life really complicated, you could do this the old fashioned woodworking way!

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I guess many carpenters (me included) are a bit surprised when they learn that these joints form an arc.

I still can’t figure out a good method for this in sketchup.

Here is your model back showing the sort of setup I used.

panel mould with hunting miter.skp (804.8 KB)