Palette par défaut grisée dans Layout


j’ai certains onglets de la palette par défaut qui sont grisés, je ne sais pas pourquoi.
Par exemple : Style de cotation, je ne peux rien sélectionner.

Merci de votre aide.

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I have some default palette tabs that are greyed out, I don’t know why.
For example: Dimension style, I cannot select anything.

Dimension Style will only be active if you have either the Dimension tool or existing dimensions selected. Without one of those selected, there’s nothing for the settings in the panel to do.

Auriez-vous un image?

@DaveR I am not sure “cotation” in this context means dimension but you may have access to the french version of SU. I would have thought the word “mesure” would have been used. @paul.millet will know as a native french speaker.

Bonjour agathe,

Sur quelle systeme travaille tu , win, os x , linux ?

@simoncbevans cotation is the proper word in french for this matter. That is the word employed for architecture or technical drawings when having to indicate measurements (mesures). “Mesure” would rather be applied to the tape tool for example.

Shucks, I knew it was unwise to doubt Dave!

You learn a new thing every day.