Paintbucket: Tutorial -v- Reality on day 1

Hi everyone. This is my day #1 with Sketchup and I am following the tutorials for starters. In tutorial 3 we encounter paintbucket. My difficulty is that my paintbucket window and the tutorial window differ a lot, and it is does not seem to be a pc/mac difference.

My window was bleh and showed materials. The video window has a neat colour wheel and across the top some tool buttons. I messed about trying to get the same window as the video and ended up with a bunch of stuff none of which remotely resembles the video.

Could someone explain to me how to make my paintbucket look like the video paintbucket. It is video tutorial #3 ( and the paintbucket appears around 9:10

(I would show screenshots except I am not sure how to get an image up here)

Thanks in advance!

The one in the video is the Mac version, the windows version looks like this.

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Hi Box. Thank you. :smile:

That is the window I get so I guess it was pc/mac difference. I now have two sections in that window, one with the original look and one that appears to allow the creation of materials. So I have gained something and I guess I will learn how to fine tune colours soon enough :smile:

Thanks again!