Paint Mask like Paint (from Windows)

Is there any chance to insert a tool that works like the paint bucket from Paint (from Windowns)?

Sometimes, it´s necessary fill some parts of the drawing (to distinguish from the others) and there are a lot of points close to each other to take if use the line tool to create a line mask.

Now it can only be done, by working exploding the vector viewports to get the colors drawing is difficult and laborous, and put it as a mask.

I work with layers in LayOut, but even so it´s laborious and slow if explodes an vector viewport to erase all the parts that you do not want and than put as a mask, and put above the drawing, etc, etc…

“there isn’t a way currently to do exactly as you want”: I know that :neutral_face:

Here are the files:

Bancada.skp (765.6 KB)

It would be a great method for picking room areas too… (whenever we can retrieve areas from a Layout document in the future)

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