Paint issues after loading componant

I am having an issue when trying to load a component from the warehouse. I have had this issue a few times but the cause and outcome varies. Has anyone seen this or know a solution?330 Tweed Final - paint issue.skp (1.4 MB)

What specifically is the issue. I see lots of problems with your SketchUp file but you haven’t yet described the problem you are asking about.

When I tried to load a component the majority of siding and roofing became an odd color, almost rainbow.

Here is a snip of the before.

I don’t see a rainbow. It looks like this on my screen. Pretty much like your screen shot.
Screenshot - 1_13_2018 , 11_29_06 AM
The wood siding texture isn’t very good. It’s not even in the shading and it isn’t long enough to cover the whole wall in one vertical run.

It’s odd, it seems to have fixed itself when i saved and closed. Thanks for the help i’ll reach out if it occurs again.

Yes, thats a pre-made texture, this is a very basic schematic design.

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