Paint Bucket problems

My paint bucket menu suddenly started showing these paints squares below it and it takes up a lot of room. Anyone know how to turn this off?


There is a little dot at the bottom center of this color pallet. Click on it and drag it back towards the top.

If that doesn’t work… toggle on/off the Materials Pallet Settings from the Windows Menu… and try again.

I don’t see the dot that Jim mentioned, but the faint divider line above the squares, below the opacity slider, is where you can drag up and down to change the number of rows there are.


There definitely is no dot, unless, do you see it in my screen shot, am I missing it?
I did follow Colin’s advice and got it smaller but would still really like it gone. Here is how it looks now: 24%20PM

Why are you so hot on having it gone? It is a useful area of the Colors panel. The color swatch to the left of the eye dropper and the eye dropper itself are also useful.

I guess I am trying to get it back to how it was, and maybe this is how it was because I do use the dropper all the time to match colors. I don’t understand the usefulness of the squares… Do they have a purpose?

Try using the dropper and see what happens to the squares.

It’s not useless unless you choose not to use it. The palette, those little squares, can be used to drag custom colors into for later use. It’s a feature of the Mac Color Picker and not specific to SketchUp. I guess if you really don’t want that palette there, you could switch to a PC. The palette doesn’t exist in Windows.

Same issue here and I don’t even remember expanding this swatch space. I can’t believe I had such a hard time figuring this out on my own, what a headache. Who needs this many swatches!?!? Colin, you saved me, THANK YOU!

Hi! I’m having the same issue. I dragged the faint divider line down so the rows of squares would decrease, but now I cannot shrink the size of the palette itself, so it didn’t really accomplish much. Any tips?

The palette can be resized from any of the four corners. Are they all failing to resize?

If the bottom of the palette is way off the bottom of your screen, try resizing from the top, then move the palette upwards, until the bottom reappears.

It was failing to resize. I tried all corners. Then magically, it started working again. Who knows, man? Sometimes SketchUp has a mind of its own. Thank you for your reply!!!