Paint Bucket problem depending on location of axis


I ran into this today while painting a very simple window component. I was going to add the model here but when saved outside the original model it behaves normally.
I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this before?



Is the material on the window applied to faces or to component/group wrapper?


To faces, inside component.



I have seen it before with materials that have a direction. What is the deal with that material? Does it have the white/light gray area included in it?


It’s the stock (SU) gray glass, worked normally on several other window and door components and six of eight panes in this one. The gif is slightly reversed from how I encountered this, the axis was originally at the sash lock position, only when I moved the axis to the lower right corner was the material displayed correctly. Hope typed that well enough to understand.



That’s weird because the gray class is just a translucent gray. What does it look like if you apply it to a large face? It’s strange that the light area should appear with that material when you change the axes


Let me see if I can catch it again. I closed the model and wouldn’t be too surprised if it were to behave now. I can say the the improper display was in that quadrant of the axis and actually divided other faces without there being any edge present. I painted the frame while trying to figure this out.


Here’s the window with other faces painted. Note the horizontal face isn’t interrupted.


Could you share the window component?


Well, earlier I intended to attach it with my original post. I had saved it to a dropbox folder and when I opened it all seemed normal. Let me open that again, make a new component and see what that does.

Edit: It seems to work fine in the saved version, I think I’ll try replacing the naughty one with the new one.



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