Padding Effect on Position of Subcomponent

I am new to Sketchup Pro so have some real bonehead questions.
I will try to keep each one as it’s own topic.

I am working today on my very first dynamic component.
The component is a cabinet box that consists of 8 nested subcomponents.
These components consist of Sides - Floor - Apron - Back - Partition & Stretchers.

I am so far successful in working out the Size & Position Attributes with one exception.
I have a vertical partition that situates between two horizontal elements.
No matter how many times I tell the component that this partition is 18cm tall it displays and measures 17.8 cm tall.
There is a visible gap between the top & bottom of this element and adjacent elements above below.

What would cause this padding like effect?

Without seeing the model it is hard to know, if you attach it here you’ll get a better answer.
But at a guess I’d check the position of the subcomponents axes, is the bounding box tight to the object or is there a little gap of .2cm

Thanks for the suggest Box.

I can’t explain how it happened but somehow some of the elements were not co-planer to each other.
When I zoomed in real close I could see a gap at the front but not at the back.
Some of the facets turned out to be oblique to each other.

I will have to, obviously, pay closer attention to the drawing.

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