P51 Mustang Replica Design

Hello. Sorry to disturb. My name is Marian Madalin, a male engineer from Bucharest, Romania. I want to build a P51 Mustang Replica for display, I have some sponsors here who help me with free materials and services. I want to use the drawings of mr. Marcel Jurca to do the parts and assembly, but the drawings are in PDF, and I want an assumed, responsible, serious volunteer CAD engineer to help me redraw the drawings from the PDF and put them into DXF files, so it can be easily cut on CNC from plywood, aluminium, steel etc… I have some progress on the frames and formers (pictures attached). The Mustang will be displayed for a new aviation museum project I am currently developing. The CAD engineer will be mentioned on the sponsor’s list on the project website.

What do these drawings look like? Just the finished plane or cross sections and all?

Next question is whether the PDF drawings have vectored graphics in them or whether they are just raster images. If they are vectored, you can extract that without having to redraw them.

The PDFs are paper scanned photos… Hand drawings ! They do contain dimensions ! Cross sections… Frames and formers , 2D shapes that will form a big 3D shape in the end ! Can you give a hand ? Thanks.

Hmmm. The 3D Warehouse has several, apparently more than a hundred, 3D model versions of the aircraft. Would one of them be good enough to use as a basis for your physical model project?

It would be interesting, but I’m struggling with over commitment as it is right now. I have always wondered about using the Faired Curve tool in Wild Tools for PowerCADD. I get the impression it’s mostly for drawing fuselage cross sections.
Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 7.50.14 PM

hmmm I know of Marcel Jurca, by name at least, I grew up near an airfield, He was a plane designer who also took time to redraw WW2 fighters (at 1/1 scale or smaller) so plane builders could build their own with modern techniques (modern in the 80’s)

So my guess is, no 3dwarehouse model will be at the level of precise plans designed for fabrication.
Plus, although he ended up French, he was born Romanian, so I’m guessing it’s also why they are choosing his design for a Romanian aviation museum :wink:

@marianmadalin32 I’m not saying you won’t find the right persons here, but considering it’s 2d CAD redrawing of all the elements, you might also consider asking the same to the autocad / powercadd / qcad (and other cad) communities. their 2d drawing tools are superior to ours, especially for CNC fabrication. And I suppose we’re talking potentially dozens and dozens (100+) pdf here to redraw.

could probably also be used for boats. or weirdly shaped eggs :slight_smile:

Sorry, not possible to apply the 2D Frames in the PDF attached to any existent Mustang 3D model…
09_0046_MJ-77_202-1 of 2.PDF (1.1 MB)

Already tried all the possible methods… People are just not serious and very selfish!

Those are fuselage cross sections for small RC toys, not for real size or big size flying aircraft like I am building!!!