Overwritten data. :( Please help!

Hello SketchUp comunity,
Is there any possibility to recreate a project I have unintentionally overwritten? I’m using SketchUp free and saved my project via trimble connect but somehow I managed it to overwrite it with an empty file an now everything is gone. :cry:

I would be so so glad if someone could help me because it’s very important!

I don’t know if this is possible. The only thing I can recommend is to use the desktop version where you can easily control your data. Today many operative systems have a built in feature to restore the previous version of a file. If your files are local you should also frequently take a backup of it and then you could use that backup if you’ve accidentally overwritten a file.

Hi there,

If you login to the Trimble Connect web interface (https://connect.trimble.com/), you should be able to see earlier versions of your file. Trimble Connect stores all saved versions of your model.


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