Overlays performance issues?

I noticed that when I enable overlays the whole viewport becomes increasingly laggy?

I have been using the Gizmo by Curic.

I don’t know if it extension dependent or overall. Only noticed this happening with already heavy files, in which case enabling the overlay make it worse.

Specially for rotating.

I also use curic gizmo every now and then but I’ve never experienced lag on the viewport or any other issue.

Myabe you don’t use large files as me.

Perhaps share one of your large files…?

I’ve tested gizmo and there was no negative change in SketchUp performance.

But my models are minimal and lightweight.

I’ve been modeling a Ferrari F2004 with a lot of polygons and no issues with gizmo or any other overlay plugin, I also tested with Quad mesh analysis and solid inspector at the same time with gizmo, I can still move smoothly around my model.

I have this:

You can see how I can freely rotate viewport but when I activate the overlay it becomes laggy and hard to rotate.


Sharing an image or video is lot the same as sharing your actual SketchUp file. Until you share the file that causes the issue, I don’t know that anyone can offer any insight.

It’s not due to overlays, it’s something with the Gizmo plugin, I have the same behavior when I activate it with some files, with small files there’s a small lag barely noticeable but with bigger files it gets laggier. With other plug-ins that make use of overlays like quadfacetools for the quad mesh analysis or solid inspector there’s no problem by activating the overlays.

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I don’t know that specific overlay, so I’ll speak in general. The problem is most likely with the amount of computation the overlay does each time it draws to the screen. If this increases with the complexity of the model, especially if it increases faster than linear, at some point a slowdown is inevitable because SketchUp refreshes the screen quite often. The overlay may need to do some caching of data or perhaps find a different algorithm.