Overlays – onMouseMove

Playing around with the new Overlay feature.

I have a custom select tool that displays the tag name as I move the mouse about.

The only issue is the buggy PickHelper when selecting.

It would be good if I could use the native select tool and use an Overlay to display the tag name.

I’m using the Overlay onMouseMove together with PickHelper.

The tag name will only change when I select an object.

If I have my custom tool enabled then the Overlay tag display will change as I move the mouse over objects.

Is there a difference between the two ?

I seem to recall helping you with a inspection tool that displayed the tag name using a tooltip. But I would think that Overlays should not affect the tooltips of the active tool, so they’d need to display the tag name on the view probably using view.draw_text.

Are you invalidating the view in onMouseMove ?

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Yes, however I moved onto using view.draw_text to draw to the screen the tag name.

I forgot to invalidate the view !

It works now - many thanks Dan.