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what happened to the scale? I’ve been learning Sketchup over the last few days. All of a sudden a 9.7 mm radius circle can’t be seen it’s so small. I opened an architect mm template using version 23.1.239 64 bit on Win 11.

Need a little bit more info about what happened.


Post your model?

When I do that circle now it’s just a dot on the screen. When I end click the circle at about the same size the radius shows 3 BILLION mm.
Cylinder10a.skp (232.4 KB)

Well, I had to boot my laptop twice, but I’m back to normal. I thought I had blown an overall scale setting for Sketchup.

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There is no “overall scaling setting”. Normal modeling is done at real-world size. If you couldn’t see a circle with a radius of 9.7 mm then you had the camera zoomed out to a distance that made it too small to see.

Okay, I’m back to the same problem. I decided to scrap what I had and started with a new file. Now I’m “out scaled” again. I’m not understanding a visual relationship somewhere.

My default template is Architectural millimeters. All I have done so far is to delete the “friend figure” at xyz.

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This figure is referred to as a ‘Scale Figure’.
It is there as a point of reference to help you understand that this is the average height of a person so that you can at least start your model at a size that makes sense.
The modelling space is, for all intents and purposes, infinite, and if you zoom out things get smaller, and zoom in and they get bigger again.
GIF 4-11-2023 2-32-19 PM

They aren’t changing size, you are moving the ‘camera’ away from them.
People often randomly build things without using specific sizes and they end up with door nobs bigger than houses.
Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out. Use Shift + z to ‘Zoom Extents’ which means to zoom to a point where your whole model fits on the screen.


Isn’t the intersection of XYZ pretty much the same scale reference? I guess not. I just tested what you said and learned a couple of things. On top of that I discovered a keyboard/mouse driver problem. It just happened to hit while I was doing a push/pull. It got very distorted. It’s a very erratic problem. I haven’t solved it yet. I’ll put this topic to rest until I solve my driver problem.

Thank you all very much for all you do to help.

It would be helpful to check this free course made by sketchup team members, you’ll learn all the basics of the software.