Outlining circle groups for a 2D planting plan?

Is there a way in LAYOUT to outline circle groupings is in the attached images? This would make LAYOUT even more useful to landscape designers. Any suggestions on how to do this would be much appreciated! Thank you

In other words - to create a heavy line around the outside of the circle/shrub groupings or overlapping circles. Thank you~

Could you show an example. I think it is possible to do what you want but i’m not clear on it from your description and screen shot.

Do you see the heavier line around the perimeter of the shrub massings? That is what I’m referring to. That is something I cannot do in Layout. The circles overlap and there is no way to only darken the outline of the circle/shrub groups. Thanks

What are the groups? Are they imported images? You could draw around them.

They are circles drawn in SketchUp. I have not found a way to draw them in their exact dimensions imported into Layout. I tried to trace them with freehand tool in Layout but the result was not accurate. It takes forever and the line is not a perfect circle.

Could you share a little sample LO file with the planting. Mark what you want to have the heavier outline. If I could see what you are actually working with I think I could come up with a way to do it and manage it more easily than going back and forth.

plant groups.layout (25.9 KB)

Sorry I’m not sure how to mark them but the screen shots show a heavier line around the outside of the plant groups, but not on the inside where the circles overlap. Hope that makes sense. It looks much cleaner when just the perimeter or outer line of the grouping is dark, and not the lines on the inside of the circles. Thanks

Is this sort of getting at what you want?

Yes it could work, but in a scaled drawing the circle diameter needs to follow the original imported Sketchup, it shows the mature diameter of the tree or shrub. How did you accomplish this? Thanks again

There is no SketchUp file associated with the LO file or I’d have probably handled it a little differently.

I locked the layer the original circles are on and created another layer for the outlines. This just prevents the original circles from being edited. Then I drew larger circles centered on those five using inferencing to find the centers just as you would in SketchUp. After drawing the five circles, I cut them where they overlap with the Split tool and erased the unwanted parts. It was easy enough then to adjust the weight of the outline.

Same thing here:

And it’s easy enough to round off the sharp corners.

Thanks. How would you have done it differently in SketchUp?
Also, I am not finding any tutorials for the Split tool in Layout. Are there any you know of?
Thanks again.

If those circles had been drawn in SketchUp, I would have used the Offset tool to create the larger radius circles and then erased the unwanted parts. To get a different line weight, I would create two different scenes. One with the outlines and one with the inner circles and then stacked the viewports setting the one for the outlines at a heavier weight.

As for tutorials on LayOut’s Split tool, I’ve never looked. I guess I thought it was fairly self-explanatory. Click on the knife blade tool to activate split and click on lines drawn in LO where you want to break them. If you click where two lines (or circles) cross, both lines will be split there.

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Thanks again. BTW how did you round the corners above?

I just drew arcs with the 2-point Arc tool in LO.

The split tool looks like an exacto knife blade. It’s a tool you can get from the customize tool bars menu. It may be available in one of the menus. Simply select the tool and click on the intersection of the overlapping circles. You’ll need to pick on each intersection. Now erase the portions you don’t want. Use the glue tool to reconnect the circles if you’d like. Just click on each intersection to glue them back together.

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