Outliner V16 rename issues

V2016, See image.

  1. select an object
  2. rename object in entity info + press enter
  3. name is not updated in the outliner until the view is rotated, another tool selected etc.

In an outliner based workflow and you’re renaming several objects in 1 go this is not very helpful

And while we’re at it - why is there a delay between selecting an object and displaying the data in entity info? If no object was selected before, it takes half a second…
Edit: also, after de-selecting all objects, it takes half a second to clear the entity info.

I would like a response to this as well please

It works on my mac, so I guess it’s this new ‘trays’ thing causing an issues…


First, I noticed, the problem in my first posting of this topic is also present in V15.
edit: The half second delay is also in V15 though not as apparent in V15 because the panel size scales with the info.

I never noticed the need for another action when renaming because of the next two problems that are new to V16:

  1. To have the object renamed you have to click in the viewport or on another tool. Clicking in the white space of the Outliner panel doesn’t update the name but reverts to the original name. In V15 clicking in the white space of the outliner would rename the object.

  2. If you don’t click a tool first or click in the viewport but you select another object in the outliner, the new name gets assigned to the newly selected object in the outliner and not to the original selected and (you hoped) renamed object. See attached animated gif. In V15 this worked fine.

I really hope this gets some attention and fixed soon