Outliner: Better highlight the currently active Group

In the Screenshot, t’s currently ext.
But it would be nice if that was a bit more prominently highlighted.
I have to look closely to check if i will be drawing where i want to.
Maybe bold? And/or with a background color?

This control selection highlighting is set in the Windows Control Panel.

I have mine set to white letters on blue background:

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Personalization

Click the link to set “Window Color”,
then the link at the bottom “Advanced appearance settings…

… which brings up the “Window Color and Appearance” dialog.

Then change the “Item” dropdown control “Selected Items” and change the background color and text properties to suit your needs.

Any changes will affect ALL applications and system dialogs used by the current user account.

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Well, the active group “ext” in my screenshot is not selected, it’s just open and thus active for drawing. So the selected-setting won’t help.

Okay, I see what you mean.

It appears that “active” items in the tree are shown as the inverse of the system’s selected setting (as I show above.)

I am not against having better (and perhaps independent) control over display settings for the Outliner.

So, +1 from me.