Outer shell

First time using a forum. I have tried to find this online to no avail. I used the outer shell by accident and the art in the center disappeared. How do I undo this feature? The undo only reverses the art corrections(lines, arc, erase…). Sure hope I didn’t lose the art because I didn’t save it prior. Huge learning curve here!

Not sure what you are referring to as “the art in the center” but Undo should get you back to before the Outer Shell operation if you haven’t done too much afterward (you can undo the previous 100 operations) or closed the SKP file.

If you made the things on which you used Outer Shell as components instead of groups, the original components should still be available in the In Model Components collection If you used groups there’s no such option.

Thank you for your quick response. After many trials I just exploded it and it reappeared. Whew!