Outer_shell resets Axis

I’ve never noticed this before but the outer_shell resets the axis within the group.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?

It seems that the operation applies the system axes (more or less as expexted!) to the newly formed outer shell group. Can’t you temporarily save the current group’s axes (the ones that you whish to keep), and then apply them “back” to the newly formed group, (replace its local axes with the saved axes)?

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This is one of the reasons I created my own solid tools. The algorithm isn’tt perfect and there are a few cases they can’t handle, but their API is much more intuitive and easier to work with.

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API doesn’t have any further control. I think it uses the same logic as the UI.

I’d do what @g.h.hubers suggest - correct it yourself. That way you can pick whichever axis you want to preserve. The choice is somewhat ambiguous when you combine two instances into a single one.

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