Outer Envelope?

I am not even sure if I am using the correct term. I have a 3D model that an artist created. It is a figure that will be included with a game I am working on. I need to create the model for an injection molded plastic tray that will hold the figures. Since they are not regular shapes I was wondering if I could create an outer envelope around the figure that would look like you wrapped the figure in plastic wrap. I could then subtract that shape from a solid rectangle to come up with the model.

So, does this make sense and is it doable?

Solid Tools includes Union and Outer Shell. Both do something on the lines of what you are asking for.

This video explains how the model would need to be set up, and what the different options do. Union is described at about 3:20.

As soon as you build a box around the figure it becomes a void within that box. Then split the box in to however many pieces you need to make the mold work.