Out of the Box


Each have their own foibles. I use gifcam mostly despite the fact it crashes and burps and plays up, I prefer it to licecap, and I use screenpresso for the rare vids that I do.


Here’s a Screenpresso video.


A bit of copper and brass bondage.


try “screentogif” https://www.screentogif.com/


That’s what I use. And you even have access to the source code if you want to add features :wink:


A bit of a useful tip I posted elsewhere, from quite some time back.
More Fredo hidden delights.


I’m curious about these gifs, as I mentioned above, this is a Gallery thread and as such people expect to see renderings and such. All the usual suspects come here to see what I have posted but perhaps the tips aren’t getting to people that could benefit from them.
Would it be more appropriate for me to create a Tips and Trick thread in the tutorials section for these gifs. I imagine many new users don’t spend much time looking at gallery posts, but do sort through the tutorials looking for help.
I’m quite happy just throwing them in here, but don’t mind making a separate thread if people think it would be useful.


I think you are right in assuming that more people, new to SketchUp, would benefit from a separate “Tips and Tricks” thread, preferably in the Tutorials section.

How about “Box of/with tips and tricks

Is it a good idea?

Looks crazy :slight_smile:

PS. Happy Birthday!


That’s a good thought. The fact that what you create is also instructional kind of blurs the distinction.


The little birthdaycake on users profile are to celebrate the day they joined this forum, not their actual day of birth. We do not know how old box is, or when his birthday is due, but a few posts back, he left us a clue… :smiley:


I discovered this few hours later :stuck_out_tongue:


I was stuck in traffic when you posted this Mike, phone in a holder, I read your post and thought to myself, What on earth did I say?
Scrolled up a few posts!!!
Watch your back boy, I’ll be coming for you in Vancouver!

Although I must admit I am old enough to remember the delivery of our families first TV, an enormous black and white thing that took ages to warm up and had 2 channels to choose from. I was very young.


I’ve done the hard part, now it’s up to someone else to make the rest of the elephant.


sorry box, I believe TT did the hard part…

I’ll make the skates…


For a second I thought I had read Fredo, selfhealing forum posts…


My mind just got blown. I haven’t even learned to crawl yet.


A couple of before and after SUbD renders.
Same scene, same render settings.
No fancy colours or textures.
Just a geometry comparison to help people understand how SUbD deforms the shapes.


A little Sunday afternoon Pie play.
I don’t use the Pie tool often but it’s very handy here.


An extrapolation of the above technique with a twist and a christmassy feel…