Out of the Box


You do a fantastic job teaching with your GIFs. I see them on Face Book and of course here. But you might consider a “Boxed Set” as they are not all in one place.

Thank you for the time and effort you spend making them.

For that matter, thank you everyone here I’ve learned from. The list is long.


One catch with using the section tool is you can select lines and surfaces that cross the section plane and can effect things you don’t see. Not that you would deliberately do that, but the possibility does worry me.


That’s the beauty of SU, there is no one right way to do anything. So everyone can work with a workflow that suits them.
I don’t remember using hide for a very long time.
I like section planes because you can easily get into a variety shaped areas easily and you don’t have to worry about what you have hidden and remember to unhide it while in the correct context.
Here for example I can jump straight into a curved panel and see what is happening and fix any errors.


Just for fun, lets call it a post industrial digital pumpkin, ripe for Halloween.


That one is the basic version, this one is a bit of tweaking. Feel free to enliven my thread with your own versions. I want to see what people can do with a few pointers in an odd direction.
This is ‘out of the box’ after all. Don’t feel you need to do the animation, that takes some serious file size, I’d just like to see what twisted ideas people come up with as a still or even render.


Where is the 3d model garden if you need it :wink:
(Will you print one of those?)


I 3d modeled some pumpkin spice flavored licorice and a halloween-themed room. The bowl is pumpkin shaped too.


native tools:


I never attended Hogwarts, so I’m not well versed in the Vertex/Sub D wizardry. I did however, conjure up this monstrosity just with native tools.

It bugged me that the tops and bottoms of the “segments” were touching (OCD) so I figured out how much to Scale them so that they only touch the center pole thing and not each other, you can see the gaps at the base.

Quick one in Twilight, lots of post process tarting up with bloom,vignette and colour temperature.


I didn’t realise this was as unknown as it seems to be, so I’ll pop it in here.
There are so many features of Fredo’s plugins that it is easy to miss some simple ones.
Bending the edges before using curviloft avoids the issue of broken faces.


Here’s another one where edges work better than faces.


Thanks for all these examples. Really nice.

Could you clarify what you did in the step just before you used the scale tool in the end of the gif?


That bit was sort of incidental to what I was showing, but it was weld, specifically Fredo’s Curvisard weld.


Thanks for clarifying! The native Scale tool behaves very differently when you do not using Fredo’s Curvizard.


Here’s one I posted earlier to explain exactly that.


Since this is a Gallery thread and I have been posting gifs rather than Images, here’s a quick couple of twilight renders to help redress the balance.

And how it looks unrendered.


Wow! That’s an amazing lamp design. I’d like to see the finished one with a light bulb, cord/plug, and on/off switch. You could sell that.

P.S. Or you could think of an out of the box way to illuminate it without electricity… Such as an oil lamp, reflective internal solar tube, or something.


OK OK…but I want to know the answer to the real mystery…how do you create those screen capture gifs :slight_smile:


That’s no mystery and has been answered many many times on the forum.
There are many screen recording apps that save to gif or video.
Screenpresso, licecap, gifcam just to name 3.


and your recommendation? PC that is?