Our Models getting permanently locked in private viewing due to a breach of the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use

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Ferrari has complained about violations of their trademark on 3D Warehouse and demanded that all uses of their trademark be removed. Please do not upload any models containing Ferrari designs, logos or hashtags. Thanks Cyrus.


@psaal not even as fictional design, like Grand Theft Auto doing by using fictional designs and names like Grotti Cheetah Grotti Turismo Grotti blah blah blah and so on?

Secondly, From my warehouse following models are taken down:
Kia Forte Koup(Kia)
Mazda MX5 Hard Top(Mazda)
Bugatti Divo(Bugatti)
Ducati Panigale White bike (Ducati Model)
MV Agusta F4(MV Agusta)
Mahindra Moto GP Model(Mahindra)
Gilera Bike(Gilera)
what do you say on this?

@psaal can you share with me a proof or article or news regarding trademark issues that happening? even recently I see my models got deleten as well. does this affected other users whose models are privated?


Ferrari = Issues with 3D Warehouse
Toyota = Issues with Non-Japanese Video Games
Who’s Next???

Potentially anyone who sufficiently values their brand and original design.


So are all pics of these vehicles / brands on Instagram also going to be removed? Ridiculous.

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Probably it depends on what the brand owners are telling Instagram to do.


They are less likely to go after images, models are more tangible and many people then go on to use them in unlicensed things that make money (the games, t-shirts etc etc).
It will be the same story for Hum3d, turbosquid etc etc)


@Anssi @Julian_Smith 3D Warehouse is not even a movie or a videogame even 3D modeling activity is far different from videogame so this has nothing to do with licensing unless needed, look at Sketchfab even in low poly sections there are ferrari models too.

While 3D Warehouse not features Ferraris, there are some still hidden as if you search as farari, farrari, ferari, frari, faarari whatever you spell you’ll still see them. this only happens with standalone ferrari car models, not those models like a building model featuring a ferrari car parked in lot.

@liamk887 Licensing needed when you’re going to use real car names otherwise use fictional names like Grotti Cheetah.

In my profile not only ferraris are gone, also there are some models are gone as well listed below:
Mazda MX5 Hard Top(but other mazdas still appears even allowed to be seen in public)
Kia Forte Koup 2012 car(other KIAs still appears)
Gilera RSA 250
Mahindra MGP3O(Other Mahindras still appears)
And Ducati 899 Panigale(Other Ducatis even Panigales are still)

My Friend’s Profile, he once made ferrari models with a room with ferrari theme like pitstop but he also having missing models. We once met together on Google Plus as Google plus is gone so I have no source to reach him.

What should I do then for my ferrari models? Especially my models of FXX-K Evo and 488 GT3 Models, should I fictionally name it by removing brandings logos from my models? like Grotti Cheetah, Pegassi Cheetah or blah blah? or should I leave Ferrari for 3D Warehouse?

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@TDahl as you said about brand values, I feel 3D Warehouse should ban Suzuki instead of Ferrari. Personally I have some disputes with suzukis, I once scrapped them like Ferrari Doing.

Main point here is that one might be barking at the wrong tree?


This is not the first time I’ve opened this discussion, I once opened this dispute Before. My purpose to restart is that the previous wall wasn’t gone well.

Wait a second I’ve forgot somebody who also complaint this, David.X, let me call him here as well. @David.X Come here, alot of people discussing this issue.

@Cyrus :
Point your arrows there, or, two weeks from now, the dispute will start again.

There is not much discussion, IMO, there is a violation, it is not allowed by Fareri :thinking:, that’s it.
So, what is the next move?
Should we ask the Italians themselves to deliver 3D models?
I am curious why they are opposed…


Next Move? use fictional names, remove real brandings from ferraris. stop advertising ferrari names as well. I’m facing same issue as I’ve discussed as the list of models above. those models aren’t related to ferrari (re-quoting my message):

Non-Ferrari Related models removed or gone private as well.

I get the idea it is all about displaying trademarks. ???

U mean real car namings? so we should avoid it?

as I wrote in a description that this car blah blah blah is based on real blah blah car. Right? @RLGL?

Yes and also do not use the name of the manufacturers or the model name of the car in the description.