Other ways to document output

In February, @mbrightman carried out a review of SU/LO2022 which is accessible on Youtube.

In assessing LO, he responded to a comment as follows:

“I have been tinkering with a ConDoc to AutoCAD workflow for final permit sets… It works! Just use the backgrounds drawing set to make .dwgs. XREF them the same way consultants do… This way you can think and design in SketchUp 3d, then document in CAD!”

Has anyone else tried to do this? Obviously, it sounds pretty clunky to have to export to DWG and you wouldn’t get a dynamic link between the SU drawing and final output. But I can see that it could have advantages.

Does seem like it would be clunky.

I watched his condoc video on how to generate DWGs - unless the plugin has an one click automated all scenes DWG export ability…

Don’t know why someone would want to do this - but then you are on a Mac Simon :wink:

I guess the reason you might want to do it is to get around LO’s shortcomings (referred to passim in this forum). Speed is the big one and I know it is more of a problem on a Mac (for some unidentified reason). But you might wonder why someone as adept with SU/LO as Michael Brightman would be investigating the matter. And he seems to be on Windows:

I keep wondering about the fact that most of the SU Team use Macs. But then, do they have much use for LO, I wonder? After all, I imagine they don’t regularly have to produce 2D output for third parties like you and I. I don’t recall many Team videos about LO (maybe I missed them all!).