OSX plugin issue : SketchUp can't load


As you may read here we engaged in crossplatform SUalive extension. We would like OSX user pleased but are facing unexpected issue. SUalive has just gone through review and is now available from Extension Warehouse.

SketchUp Launch Time issue

in short. Windows ok but Osx doesn’t.

In fact SUalive installation ok on Osx and user interface is nearly ready to work. SketchUp no longer works when user shuts down SketchUp then restarts.


  1. No issue at extension installation time
  2. User runs SUalive which shows the main window
  3. User shuts down SketchUp
  4. Restarting SketchUp fails, no longer works.
  5. User unistalls extension
  6. SketchUp works again without problem

How fixing such issue?


Please clarify this: what no longer works? Does SketchUp fail to start, or does it start but your extension no longer works? Or what?

Without knowing the internals of your extension (which I assume are proprietary), it is close to impossible to guess what may be going wrong…

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Please clarify this: what no longer works?

I asked Vincent for more details…


Here are détails
SketchUp shows its windows as usual but crashes as you can see below

so at install time - picture 1 and 2 - 1 and 2 in above process

at restart time - picture 3 - number 4 in above process

Thanks to Vincent for the pictures


Has the BugSplats been submitted? So they contain any information, name or email that can be used to look up the reports?

I asked Vincent for sending BugSplat form filled. I will send you private message with Name and Mail of that form as soon as I get them.

You know what? out of install time which is right, the bug looks very close to what we solved early this year on that thread about scrambler

I just installed it and it lets me create folders, select files, change tabs etc…

no time to make an animation, but if you PM me one I’ll run it [if that’s possible]

closes without issues and reopens without a bugsplat…

I’m on an older iMac running OSX 10.11.6 and SU v16 M2…


Last Friday Vincent told me the bug vanished and he was able to launch SkethUp and SUalive knowing no issue. I don’t feel well with that but it now works! Thanks all for your help. I will add to that thread if bugSplat starts again.

here is how UI looks after some adjustments - a bit better than above of course!

@ john
You and I are living the same lack of time and my last animation was at the end of the previous year! Thanks I will send you animation ready to run in time. We are now dealing with crossplatform browser rendering and checking dialog modality and so forth. Lot of work to come!

By the way any Mac user may download the version we are currently working on. Just send me a private message to get the download url. So you might tell us what we could improve about browser rendering?
Please note I’m not getting SUalive users. I don’t mistake between development and commercial. Besides animating will be the result and only that. My present purpose is to make SUalive available on OSX and nothing else.

@ thomthom
my apologise for the inconvenience. we really were not able to know SketchUp launch turns out right like it does. It’s so hard to work on remote computer and through a go-between user.


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