Origin axis lines going crazy, never seen this before


Was busy scaling down a GIANT model that I grabbed from the warehouse to mess around with when my origin axis lines started behaving strangely while zooming. The thing I grabbed off the 3DWH should be about 20’ long but was sized at close to five miles across so I was pretty far out from origin while trying to resize. It’s not really a problem, everything is working fine now but I’ve never seen open gl behavior like that and was curious if anyone else has. The gif is just me zooming in and out with the scroll wheel. Weird.


Pretty cool! I bet you’ve got some little bit of geometry or text at a very great distance from the origin.


I’ve seen oddities on models saved/uploaded in ‘Parallel Perspective’ but showing a 3D view…

is it one of those?



@john_drivenupthewall it was a simple 3d model of about 3mb, just sized waaaaay to large. I couldn’t find any errant geometry or floating disconnected text bits which is what I had suspected, and all is back to normal now. It is pretty wacky looking right?

Clearly I have discovered a plugin for modeling in the 5th dimension. Tardis.rbz.


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