Oriented cylinders towards a central point

I’m trying to orientate several cylinders towards a central point but unless making a copy of each one and placing it close to the other, I’m wondering is there would be an easier and more efficient way to process?
Thanks for your tips.

Do you mean something like this?

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I have a couple of suggestions. You can create a drawing plane to set the angle for the first cylinder. This recent post from the “Design.Click.Build” blog on FineWoodworking.com explains how to do that. Use the angled edge of the drawing plane to determine the axis for the cylinder, so you can use FollowMe to generate the shape. After that, it should be a simple matter of copying and rotating the cylinder.
Hope this helps.

Ah ! Ah ! That looks so easy when I’m looking at this.
Thank you very much.

In that example I skewed the cylinder component by moving one end up, you could also just rotate it.

thanks to your gif, i can reproduce the way you did it. Super !

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