Organizing existing tags into folders

I just rearranged my Tags panel to organize them into folders. (I wish that worked like Windows where you just click and move and item into a folder, rather than click, click to move it - but that’s an aside gripe).

The main folder should be Table with the subassemblies as subfolders. Everything works but the Table tag has no color box to the right of it. Is that correct or did I screw something up?

Also, when I click the New Folder icon it automatically puts whatever was highlighted under it whether that is right or not. With trepidation I was able to get the hierarchy to look correct, but I surmise I missed something else (boy that happens a lot!).

That’s correct. Tag folders don’t get colors. Only tags do.

SketchUp has no idea where the folder should be without you tel it. It is possible to have folders inside of folders if you want that.

As I indicated in your other thread, it seems like you have too many tags for your simple model and adding folders seems like you are making it harder to manage. You shouldn’t need a tag for the entire table (nor should you need the entire table collected into a nested component.)

I see that now, but I did all this before posting and hadn’t realized there was a simpler way.