Orbit tool reversed gravity


If I open a new file, the orbit tool works OK, and I can suspend gravity by using Alt (Mac OSX), BUT, on a drawing I’ve just finished, Gravity is suspended as the default, and I have to use Alt to Orbit normally. Can anyone help, please?

I would like to be able to free each model up so the orbit tool works correctly

Switch the Axes ON.
Hover over one axis, and use the context-menu ‘Reset’ [axes] in case you have customized your axes at some point.
If the default axes solid blue Z axis is NOT pointing ‘UP’, then it appears that you have managed to model ‘upside-down’, and thereby ‘reversed’ gravity ?
Ensure View > Hidden Geometry is ON, and that ALL Layers are ON.
Now Select ALL and Rotate, using the red X axis as the anchor/rotation-axis, rotate everything 180 degrees.
You might also have made some components/groups inverted, so you might like to fix those - you can context-menu ‘Change’ [axes] for Component-Instances…


Thanks, Tig
Axis reset cured it, but I’ve no memory of customising them.
Much obliged.