Orbit tool problem

Trying to draw a picture frame, starting by making guidelines to show edges in front view. It seems the pan and zoom functions are working well, but when I depress the scroll wheel to orbit, the perspective takes a big leap to somewhere where the intersection of the axes is not visible, requiring a lot of maneuvering and zooming to get back to the guidelines. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

I would attach my file but I don’t see how to do that. Thanks

Drag and drop the saved .skp file into a forum reply.

One thing that helps with Orbit and Zoom is to make sure the cursor is on the model where you want the center of orbit to be.

Save a scene to return to any time you would like to. Makes your life easier.


Not sure how to drag and drop the file from the folder where it is saved to here. Tried copying and hitting Ctrl+V, that didn’t work. Thanks

Not sure how to save a scene.

Saved on your computer, right?

If you can’t show the folder its in over the reply window, use the Upload button at the top of the reply panel. It’s the 8th button from the right with an up-pointing arrow.

Queen of Hearts frame.skp (10.1 KB)

Here is the picture frame I am trying to draw (although I’ll be using slightly different dimensions).

Not sure what you did here but you’ve got nothing but a tag and a few guidelines in the file you uploaded.
Screenshot - 5_4_2020 , 9_01_10 AM

That frame should be reasonably straightforward to model.

From where this file is right now, I would draw a small rectangle at the origin and then use Zoom Extents to zoom into it. Maybe start with a rectangle for the bottom of the left side of the frame.

I sent you a PM. Click on the K in the orange circle in the upper right corner of the forum window.