Orbit to fixed axis


Morning all

So I am trying to create a slightly distorted plan view in perspective.

This is the true view …

But what I want to do is tilt it slightly (as below) but keep it ‘striaght’ in the view. So what I’m getting is a tilt like below. Is there a way to lock the UCS while orbiting so I can tilt and still stay straight ? That was horribly explained but I hope you get the idea.


Have you tried using Position Camera (with an elevated position)?


No, together with the images I think we get the message.
As @simoncbevans said, you can use the ‘Position Camera’ tool and drag it along a guide ( or edge) from desired camera location towards the target. (according to yellow arrow towards red target)

Also see this example file:Camera Position Example.skp (175.2 KB)


You’ve also got the align face option, if you happen to have a roof section that is suitable.


AMAZING - the guide method worked perfectly ! (I’ve de-saturated it in photoshop)


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