Orbit and Zoom with Chromebook Touchpad?

I am a new user of Sketchup for Schools and I have students that are using Chromebooks.
Does anyone have a trick for how to orbit and pan like a mouse would do, using the wheel? I see that zooming is simply a two finger slide, similar to a right click and move on a mouse, but I do not see an equivalent for the pan and orbit feature.

That depends on how Chromebooks map the touchpad input to classic mouse input. Since all three buttons and wheel are common inputs, I don’t believe the designers of Chromebooks have completely ignored them. I don’t have a Chromebook, but I can propose to try some sequences that work on mine (Linux, to which Chromebooks have a very similar way of thinking):

  • single finger tap → primary (left) mouse click

  • two finger tap → secondary (right) mouse click

  • three finger tap → middle mouse click

  • shift + single finger tap, release, move → shift + left mouse button drag (pan)

  • three finger tap, release, move → middle mouse button drag (orbit)

Admitted, since touchpads are relative input devices, the sequence for dragging requires a bit of exercise.
See also here: http://www.baatkar.com/2017/03/how-to-right-click-on-chromebook.html

Besides that, SketchUp employees always tell how gorgeous 3 button mice work with SketchUp. It’s recommended to use a 3 button mouse, even a very cheap one. (Although I’m waiting for better touchscreen support… …or hand gestures.)